Vermont-based artist Abby Miner loves to create. She weaves aspects of abstraction, realism, and impressionism together to create a world like no other. Her use of color is bold and decisive, adding explosions of vibrancy and movement to each of her paintings. She can always see the serenity in chaos. The magic needed to wield paint in a meaningful way is a secret and soulful language, one that Abby speaks fluently.  Her greatest love is oil painting which she has been practicing since 2oo1, exploring different techniques and opening new doors, trying to unlock hidden mysteries.
In drawing, she pushes boundaries and explores different techniques often bringing light forward and pushing the darkness back. She enjoys playing with both negative and positive spaces as well as people’s senses. Her drawings are influenced by art nouveau, nature, and surrealism.  She has been showing her work since the mid ’90s and creating as far back as she can recall.
Abby is currently living in southeast Vermont, on her homestead in a hole in a mountain, where she can be reached via Pony Express.

Inquiries? Contact: abby.miner@abbyminer


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